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Pain is a secondary problem of an underlying mechanical problem in the spine. The mechanical problem affects the nerve root, and the nerve affects the muscle – resulting in pain. 
How the body protects itself ...
If motion is altered or reduced, nerves can relay inaccurate or insufficient information about a joint’s motion. When this happens, as is often the case in sudden injury or overuse of the spine, pain occurs. This is called joint dysfunction. As the pain increases, the nerves create reflexes that cause the muscles in the area surrounding the joint to tighten, or spasm. This “guarding reflex” helps reduce movement in the area.
Chiropractic is designed to apply a gentle, specific, intentional force to correct and repair spinal misalignments. These deliberate mechanical adjustments can remove interference with spinal nerves, allowing better communication between the brain and the body to resume and maintain proper function, and relieves pain.  
Chiropractic can help
Neck & Back Pain
Joint Pain/Bursitis
Sports/Gym Injuries
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Pregnancy – Related Pain
Postural Problems
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